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Virginia Contractors License #2705-071656

I would like to introduce my business and myself. I'm Larry Martin, owner of MARTIN'S MATERIALS,L.L.C. I specialize in your dirt needs, such as borrow materials and local disposal sites. Most of my work has been in the Northern Virginia counties of Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Fauquier and Arlington, but I will go where needed in surrounding Virginia counties.

I can provide services for home builders, general contractors, excavators, developers, trucking companies, and homeowners. Having been around the excavation business for over 30 years, I know just about everyone in the area, what dirt they have available and their needs for borrow material.

Whether its structural fill, clean topsoil or just plain common fill you need for your job or home, I usually can find it. If you need to get rid of that ugly, wet topsoil with clay, rootmat mixed in or that clay and rock mixed with debris, I can find a spot for that also.

Presently, I have access to structural and common yard fill in all of the above mentioned counties and I am always looking for more. I also have several small dumpsites in these areas that can take any of your unsuitable materials.