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Structural Fill
Usually any sand and/or gravel material that can be compacted to support 2400 psi. Use in fill for building foundations and slabs, roadways and parking lots. Involves testing for compaction under strict requirements.

Yard Fill
Any material (usually any silt and/or clay) that is non-structural and can be used to backfill buildings and houses, adjust and fill low areas, raise grade in common and grass areas, etc. Can range from clean and dry to wet and mixed with other materials.

Top Soil
The top 3"-12" of soil stripped from the site after clearing of trees and vegetation. Can range from very clean, organically rich soil to mixed with roots, twigs, debris and rocks.

Can range from blasted shot rock 2'-4' in diameter down to decomposed rock and shale which crumbles and breaks rather easily. Can be used in deep fill areas for structural and non-structural.

Cubic Feet = Length x Width x Depth

Cubic Yard = Total Cubic Feet Divided by 27

Cubic foot weighs an average of 110 lbs.

Cubic yard weighs approximately 2970 lbs.

One Ton = 2000 lbs.